Our Story

Everyone Has a Story. This is Ours

Welcome to the Fort Qu’Appelle Chamber of Commerce

Practicing business excellence for the community by the community.

Joining the Fort Qu’Appelle Chamber of Commerce will give you the opportunity to play an active role in the development of Fort Qu’Appelle’s economic future. You will be a leader in community planning, coordination, marketing and commerce.

The Benefits of Chamber include:

  1. Business Organization - As a member you will receive cooperation and assistance from local, provincial and national organizations. These include group insurance, merchantcredit card services, incentive and grant research and training programs.

    Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan


    Barry Zapshalla, Sun Life Financial


    Credit Card Services



  2. Publicity and Exposure - Chamber members receive real exposure through our publications, directories, events, luncheons, fundraisers and Web site developments.

  3. New Business Contacts - One major reason to consider active participation with the Chamber is to meet and network new businesses.

  4. Representation - The Chamber works as a voice forits members in local and provincial and federal government.

  5. Referrals - Each month, as we receive requests for goods and services, we send them directly to our members.

  6. Involvement - Our members MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by working to improve the quality of life and business environment.

  7. New Customers - We support industries and businesses that bring people, employment and a better economy to Fort Qu’Appelle.

  8. Resources and Assistance - We maintain information and statistics that are shared with individuals interested in promotingand developingbusiness in Fort Qu’Appelle.

  9. Buy Locally - As a chamber we try to keep the money flowing within the community and make those dollars work for our community.

  10. Informed Members - We try to keep our members informed about any and all regional and provincialissues, either by media articles, newspapers, personal visits, meetings and events.